Paddys Telescope

Paddy says when establishes contact with aliens… We will ride in a spaceship … and boldly go … … Back to sleep.

Paddy likes Saints Row 3

Saints Row: The Third has been released and Paddy loves it! The game is similar to Grand Theft Auto except that there is more humor and err… quite a bit […]

Google Mini

Paddy is a Google Mini fan! For those who don’t know, you can buy your own miniature Google search engine for your company or enterprise. The Google mini is a […]

Paddy's serial terminal

Serial terminals have a soft spot in every network administrator’s over 30 year old heart. Anyone who’s used these things for out of band router management will tell you they […]

Paddy's Kindle

If you haven’t heard of the Amazon Kindle before then you’re in for a bit of a surprise. The kindle is an eBook reader made by Amazon (of fame) […]